Wearable technology. Are we really ready for it?

Remember the Flux Capacitor wristwatch from the movie, Back To The Future'? Or, those alien headsets used in the movie to answer calls and read screens? We all saw that movie and went meh. But technology today has evolved in ways we only could have imagined and made movies out of.

Wearable technology, or rather, tech-fashion on the go is the new rage. With Google Glasses and smartwatches up for grabs, who knows what the future holds? The entire concept of wearable technology was first showcased by Sony's prototype dress that lit up on receiving a call. Soon similar dresses made it to the ramps. (Feeling banal about your fashion choices?)

But are we ready for these innovations? Are they needed? Some innovations no doubt are great to have around but how many of us would really use a Google Glass to read screens or a Jawbone to track our sleep? Some debate that wearable technology is now a full-fledged product category in itself waiting to take over our lives. But are we ready to give away control over our lives and rely on technology? Wearable technology is still in its naissance and simply put, the mass market is curious, but not ready to go full throttle with it. So, the Jetsons lifestyle may have to wait a while longer!

Mansha Dua