Monsoon: stories of forgotten memories; magic and mood

Among all the symptoms of decline of the magic and bliss of monsoon, none is more heartbreaking than the children of today not knowing the joy of making paper boats and racing them in water puddles.

I guess most of us today view monsoon as a menace causing traffic snarls, water logging, becoming a source of diseases and deaths rather than seeing it as a change of season and nature’s beautiful gift to mankind. What a mistake. Admit it; we all have some really cherished and sweet memories of the enchanting monsoons from our childhood and younger days. Flashback! Familiar stories of sitting by the window, watching the rain with a hot cup of cocoa/tea/coffee and a book to read, dancing in the rain with friends, eating hot pakoras over endless gup-shup with family/friends, singing and listening to rain songs and further down the memory lane – playing the games of making and sailing paper boats in water puddles..Ah, the list is long, unique to each and beautifully preserved in our memories.

Snap back into reality, and I ask myself this question, “Why don’t we welcome rains with the same love, passion and enthusiasm of boundless joy any longer? What could have perhaps changed in us so drastically, that we now dread monsoon – well almost! We only look back at memories associated with it and never attempt to make new memories out of it?”

May be rain brings out the best or worst in all of us depending on how we feel. If we’re happy, mad, annoyed, inconvenienced – it shows in how we view a rainy day. As kids we were more hopeful, stress-free, simple things made us happy and simplicity wasn’t merely about things – but also effortless were our feelings and emotions, idea of fun and excitement was uncomplicated (and free). Think about it. Today, we all lead stressful lives full of negativity – always doubting and complaining; we keep devising situations to complicate our lives, emotions and feelings simply bereft of little joys of life like enjoying a good rainy day! To top that, we have the self-created issue of climate change to grapple with which today shakes us in dread at the thought of rains – misery causing floods, untimely and erratic rains causing damage to crops, diseases and death…and boy, we can count of many such negatives that we associate monsoon with these days.

My mind is boggled at my ability to throw questions at myself without having clarity of answers. I wonder if I have lost the ability to enjoy simple joys of life like the smell of the wet soil during rains, listening to the raindrops falling on the ground. Have I become so busy that small things don’t matter because I don’t have the time to enjoy them? (I sure have lot of time to whine about rain and traffic on Twitter), Why did I stop my nephew from playing in rain saying – ‘you’ll fall sick’? Why do I cringe when I have to step into a water puddle while crossing the road? Why - when I enjoyed these very many things as a child? And all of a sudden, I am struck with a terribly sad thought…they say, once must enjoy things while they last...what if this was my last chance to cherish the monsoon? Will I regret not enjoying it? Just as I finished typing this line, thankfully, the rain came back – as it always does. Well,this time only to soak my bone wet while listening to Kishore Da singing “Rim Jhim Gire Sawan” in the background!