Have mobiles changed the way we are at social dos/dinners?

Ever thought how our lives would be without this portable device that abides in everyone’s pocket? In our oblivion, it has taken a big portion of our lives. Gone are the days when communication was restricted to pigeons, paper and pencil. Now mobiles have become the most unobtrusive and convenient means of communication.

Is this small piece of technology a world on its own?  Immersed in the technological realm, we disregard the real. We converse with our hands rather than our mouths, tapping keyboards and touchpads to the rhythm of our thoughts. We are adapting to less emotional ways of speaking in digital settings. Consequently, we spend less time developing the social skills that is required to talk face-to-face.

We would rather prefer exploring the digital world than the nurturing warmth we could get by the spinning yarns of our granny. Intrusion of mobile has done no good in terms of keeping up personal relationships and has rather taken over the conventional norms that dictate the society. We have certainly adapted to the lifestyle where phones dominate but are we actually hoping for a change?