CSR and Sustainability

We are the integrator and the interface.

The CSR and sustainability practice at Avian acts as a collaborator for corporations and non-profit bodies, devising sustainable and scientific solutions based on globally-accepted guidelines.

Supporting corporations to move away from pure philanthropy to sustainable corporate responsibility models.

  1. Conducting feasibility studies to assess the business case.
  2. Devise corporate social responsibility programmes (which are linked to the business goals) having measurable impact on workplace, marketplace, community and customers. 
  3. Formulating protocols for ensuring transparency, diversity and inclusion at workplace.
  4. Creating knowledge, capacity and engagement tool kits for beneficiaries.
  5. Resource mobilisation – inducting employees and engaging them in volunteering programmes.
  6. Creating cause related marketing strategies.
  7. Monitoring and evaluation to assess the impact of the programme.

A capacity-building partner for non-profit bodies.

  1. Marketing communications campaigns that enable organisations to reach out to stakeholders.
  2. Devising and implementing cause-related media outreach and digital programmes.
  3. Bridging the skill development gap through training.
  4. Training on self sustenance before exiting the project.

The practice is led by a senior resource in the organisation who works with a social advisory board comprising development consultants and NGOs having experience in diverse roles – ranging from monitoring and evaluation, capacity building, strategic corporate responsibility consulting, NGO investment promotion, building industry and trade relations. Our advisors guide us in building and implementing a successful CSR programme for you.