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ACE Awards 2015

The fourth edition of our internal ACE Awards was held at Hotel Kempinski Ambience in New Delhi on September 19, 2015. The award was bigger and better as the jury received 25 entries. The jury was impressed to see the kind of work which teams had put in to add value to their clients' campaigns.

Freshers who recently joined the agency also gave a fresh and happy feel to the event. In the days running up to ACE, Avian-ites publicised the event on social media platforms by creating a Facebook page and through tweets.

The night ended with music, dance and, of course, delicious food.

ACE Award 2013 ACE Award 2013 ACE Award 2013 ACE Award 2013

Cracker of a Diwali

Every year, the day before Diwali (popularly called choti Diwali), all Avian offices in the country perform Lakshmi Puja. To make the day fun and exciting, lunch is organised for all. Festive activities mark the days before the puja. Lists of essential items are drawn, a priest is called for puja and all employees wear ethinic dresses.

Cracker of a Diwali Cracker of a Diwali Cracker of a Diwali Cracker of a Diwali Cracker of a Diwali Cracker of a Diwali Cracker of a Diwali Cracker of a Diwali

Fun Fridays

Thank God, it's Friday! Yes. We understand the importance of a Friday after a long, stressful week. So to set the mood for a relaxing weekend, we have Fun Fridays. We let our hair down and take part in activities like solving puzzles, playing dumb charades or antakshari. As we pack to leave for home, there is a smile on our lips and all tension of the week is forgotten.

We take solving puzzles as seriously as work Putting our knowledge of Bollywood to good use at an Antakshari session

We Care

We take several initiatives for the safety and security of women employees, comprising 85 per cent of the workforce. The company has provided them with contact details and helpline numbers of all government authorities concerned, including the police and NGOs. A safety contract has been signed with our cab vendor. According to the contract, the vendor must thoroughly verify credentials of all the drivers and take complete responsibility for crimes such as drunk driving, rash driving, etc.

The company has distributed pepper sprays among its women employees across offices. It regularly organises self-defence workshops where special sessions on confidence building and handling of emergency situations are undertaken by experts.

We Care We Care

Love is in the air: In-house radio station to share Valentine's messages

Valentine’s Day has become synonymous with heart-shaped balloons and red roses. The HR team plays fun-filled songs on request from employees across the country on Avian’s very own radio, named AIR (Avian In Rhythm).

On February 14, while employees are greeted with red balloons with their names written on them. As the day progresses, employees are asked to dedicate songs whoever they want to and our very own in-house RJs play their requests.

Love Is In The Air